Quiet Gardens


Affiliated to the Quiet Garden Trust

Just for one day
Come seek silence
Come rest here awhile
Hear the still small voice
Know the peace of a Quiet Garden
Then continue on your way refreshed

Following the vision of the Quiet Garden Trust, which began in 1992 in Oxfordshire, and has since spread worldwide, we aim to offer an experience of spiritual renewal within the beauty of a garden, to those of any faith or none. Silence is the essence of a Quiet Garden Day. You will be gently guided into periods of silence by a leader who will give some ideas to help personal reflection. You can use the ideas as you will, simply walking, sitting or sleeping, as you choose - painting or writing.

There is usually at least one day each year that explores an aspect of creativity – for example painting or music. Each year there are between 120 and 150 people attending the Quiet days. Gardens vary in terms of size and location. The largest is Launde Abbey which with two others will host 20 participants but most of the gardens host between 6 and 15 people. They are scattered across the whole of Leicestershire.

Each Day begins at 10 am with coffee and ends following a short act of worship at 4 pm. There is a suggested nominal ‘donation’ of £6 to pay for the expenses of the host and leader, with the exception of Launde Abbey, Hothorpe Hall and St Bernard's Abbey - please see our dates page for details. If you would like to see our upcoming gardens please view our dates, for more information please contact us.


So allowing a little time to stand and stare in quiet contemplation can bring together some seemingly scattered thoughts which when strung together allow spiritual well-being to grow.